Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Identify one or two coaching or organization challenges significant Research Proposal

Identify one or two coaching or organization challenges significant enough to be the focus of your project - Research Proposal Example In addition, the program is the foremost sports program meant to enhance the life of participants through the game of baseball. In my view, the rating of the program may be placed at 4 on the rating scale of 1 to 5. This is largely found on the view of what is required to aid, manage, and run a local RBI program assisted by volunteer managers or coaches, local financers, sponsors, and most significantly parents or guardians. The Charleston South Carolina Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities Baseball Program aims for brilliance through the mission of the program, which is to promote a diversified minority environment for youth and adults which is accommodating, demanding, friendly, fun and safe. It aims to endure that self-confidence can be nurtured as individuals grow and expand their skills in a wholesome surrounding off and on the field through the game of baseball. Through the mission, there has been a rise in interest, in the program, this year from a large number of participants of diverse backgrounds. As the Director of the program, I have attempted to recruit additional Historically Black Colleges and Universities coaches situated in the state of South Carolina, and hold an interest in recruiting young ones in the RBI program instead of recruiting children from different states. In addition, I aspire to see more professional and college scouts at our yearly RBI South East Regional. This is largely because not every child in the RBI program will be included or considered in the RBI national team list. They may also be missed with regard to their talent capacities. Nevertheless, the RBI scholarship program has turned out to be successful for learners who not have the capacity to pursue a professional or colligate baseball career, but have the academic capacities. The program has a former RBI participant who successfully accomplished the program and will be graduating at the Citadel Military College during the spring of 2013. The participant will be the foremo st recipient to receive the RBI for RBI scholarship, and graduate college. Moreover, this year, the program attracted 30 players who made up two teams, one, the junior team which comprised participants aged between 13 and 15 years, and, two, the senior team comprised participant aged between 16 and 18 years. The teams had to give a special request to take part in the South East Regional Tournament. Presently, there is a feeder system made up of children aged between 4 and 12 years through the Little International Charter which is made up of five teams, 2 Tee ball teams, 1 Coach Pitch team, 1 Boys Majors team 9-12 and 1 Girls softball team 9-12. Also, currently, the little league program has 4 players moving from the boys major team of 9-12 years to the RBI junior boys team of 13-15 years. We are also developing the girls softball team from the feeder system through the little league program. Nevertheless, there are a number of challenges which exist when contrasting this program wit h other rival programs and getting parents to assist and support the values of the RBI program domestically and countrywide. One, the program is facing stiff competition from rival programs. Therefore, due to the challenges posed by rival programs it has been demanding to create more than a single team in each age division. It has been largely argued that competition can make an organization, entity,

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